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Just to let you all know I'm still here... I've just been keeping an journal over on my DA account. Sorry about that. I'm going to try to make sure I update my livejournal more often soon. Right now I'm busy with- getting ready for Otakon in August, pre-pairing for my panels/waiting for approval, pre-pairing for restocking and adding for new art to sell at my table, finish my Dark Mercury costume!, and some misc stuff before hand.

I also set up a journal for my "Lilly's Sailor Moon Collection" here on livejournal. (If you like to see my other anime/manga/asian drama collections please click the two pictures below)


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Lilly's Sailor Moon Collection

UPDATE 06/10/2010-
My entire Sailor Moon Collection list has been moved and updated to

Thanks for all your comments everyone. I haven't been on LJ in years and when I started using blogger|blogspot for my updates for my sites I just went ahead and moved my entire list there. Also I am aware that blogger is no longer supporting on people's websites so I'm planning to use another updater system for my sites but until I every get up a site for my collections my Sailor Moon Collection will be listed and updated here-

~Lilly-chan Moonlight Real Girls: A BSSMLA Fanlisting|Fansite Tsuki Mubi: a pretty guardian music video collection
- Family of Moonlight Blog - BSSM's Network that houses all of Lilly's and Buruma's of buSailor Moon Related Sites

Otakon was Awesome!!!

8/4/07: Wow Otakon was great! I really enjoyed my time there! This was my second time attending Otakon, which made the second time around the best ever! Why?! Well this time I arrive a day earlier on Wednesday since the people that I was riding up with were on staff and needed to be there earlier. I manage to see the behind the screens of Otakon before the con begin on Friday (Pre-Con Thursday). Which was pretty cool and neat at the same time. I was also able to walk around with my new friend, Rachael who was also on staff in the Harbor Mall. Last time I was at Otakon which was in 2005 I did not had time to walk over there to see all the shops. I'm glad that I was able to walk over there since the hotel that I was staying at for Wednesday was right next to it. ^.^ Which was pretty cool.

Day of the Pre-Con (Thursday)

Since I was already there in Baltimore the night before I send the day at the Harbor Mall before walking over with some of my friends to check in at pre-reg that evening. This year the check-in was up stairs on the 3rd floor of the convention center. 2 years ago I remember it was down stairs on the first floor next to the dealers room. I was luck to be with *b2topaz
and her family since we were able to walk up to the booths to check-in than wait in line because of her 15 month old little boy, Max aka Baby Naruto. We were also able to get stickers to use for the elevators. ^.^ That came in handy because I need to use the elevators to luge all my art back and forward for the hotel each day.

Also this year we were able to check-in for our artist table in the artist alley. From previous years you would need to wait for the next day (Friday) to check-in in the morning. So this was a plus!

Well things were looking good until I'd put out my pocket guide and program book to find that my panel "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel" was not listed in it. I also checked the separate sheet to see if they mention it there and still nothing. So that night my cell phone was ringing off the hock because it. That would mean that I would have to wait up early and head to Panel Ops to see why it wasn't listed and find out what I can do so fans would know about the panel.

Days of the Con (Friday-Sunday)

After finding out find that the panel missed the printers. The panel head told me that she would forward my panel information onto the info desk and she also allow me to post a sign on my artist table meaning about the panel too. So what I did set up a sign at my table and went to both Sailor Moon photo shoots and pass the word about the panel!

As for my artist table! The artist alley this year was awesome! I was able to meet alot of artists that I've been wanting to meet for sometime now!!! Specially ~strawberrygina of "Red String"! She was so nice to talk to! She came over to my table a few times and we chat and I went to her and chat and bought of couple things! I plan to soon have her do a commission for me (but I need to wait until I have enough money save out first).
My table was located right next to my best friend ~neondragon , my con friends ~urd-chan and her girls of Pink Door Inc-
*kojika*himeko  ,  ~sakura85 and ~plnunn of Bishonen Works. Just a couple table island over my friends/panelists ~kaligoddess and *b2topaz had a table each. ^.^

Here's a list of of other artists that I meet while I was at Otakon and got their autographs/bought a couple of their works too:
~neondragon , ~strawberrygina , ~dreamworldstudio , ~bleedman (his art was there, but he wasn't. His friends from was there selling his and their work!) ~nyanko-chan , ~plnunn~kuroitenshi13 , ~uponthoufaircat
Pink Door Inc- 
*kojika*himeko  ,  ~sakura85~urd-chan
~kaligoddess*b2topaz  , ~mana-ink~eerimule  , ~pink  ,  ~-ek- and Edo Elric, Sporkninja of Gravity Doll

I also had a
deviantart  guest book at my table for people to sign in. I manage to get 3 pages worth of deviantart artists that walked by my table that either had a table there at the con or not. Very Cool! I'm in the process of check them all out! Here is the list, so feel free to check them out!
~amecassee , ~candyrain , ~darkxlonelyxsoul , ~zephyrdragons25 , ~alteredrealityarts , ~lostdemonschild  , ~funnybunnyfan4531~vegalyre~chocolatedivinediva~vr-eli  , ~chainbound ~malicekisho~beybladersteph-chan  , ~yoruoroshi~darigonxerula~zagrh8r-azul~laoith~chiiruchan and ~day-chan

Thanks to all that stopped by my table and bought my art and commission me too!!! I really appropriate it!

On Saturday- before going down to be at my table for most of the day. I took in 2 panels and went to the Sailor Moon 2nd photo shoot. Before the photo shoot I had the chance to attend Tokyopop's panel to asked them about the renewing licensing for Sailor Moon and what they told me at the panel is that they are still working getting the renewing licensing for Sailor Moon and once they get an approval they would love to release Sailor Moon in the new style which is referring to the second edition of Sailor Moon and use of the original names. See I took an example of their old release Sailor Moon volume and the first volume of the second edition with me to the panel and shown it to them. (In the video over on ANN you only hear me asking the question not holding up the books to show them) I also asked them about translating her other series and maybe her artbooks and (after I held of my Infinity artbook and my copy of Toki*Meca volume 1) they said that they are thinking about it.

I'm just glad to hear that they are still working on getting Sailor Moon! Ok about a set date. There is not set date. Since Tokyopop told us at the panel what they planned to release the rest of this year and next year. I only mention in the video that Nick took of me to look for 2009 to 2010 + for any news and keep on supporting Tokyopop because you just never know what will happen.

So after the panel I quickly went done to the Sailor Moon photo shoot and shared this information with everyone! Which everyone was please to hear! I'd stay there for a little bit more to take pictures and then head to the artist alley which I stay for most of the night and also held our pre-panel meeting to go over things before the panel the next morning.

Day of the panel/last day of the con (Sunday)

Since the panel was at 9am we all needed to be in the convention center an hour before. Which didn't work that way since the convention center didn't open until 8:30am. So we were there right at 8:30am and I wasn't able to wait I yell in and said that I needed to be up on the 4th floor for my 9am panel and they let me in very quickly. I think I lost maybe 5 pounds before starting the panel because I was ran to the panel ops (which was on the 3rd floor) then back the panel room (which was on the 4th floor and there is only one way to the 4th floor). Anyways we manage to start the panel 5 mins pass 9am.

We start out with
~kaligoddess (aka Kali) talking about the series and some of the cast. She also played a power slide show of some pictures that she put together. We were getting ready to show some of the clips, but her laptop couldn't handle the connection with the projector / screen. It would only play some footage very slow. It didn't seem to mind the fans that was there. They found some the footage very funny, specially with Keiko's (Rei/Mars) taking off her bathrobe in slow motion for one of her model videos. ^.^ Moving on Yosenex talked a little about the book that he worked on "Warriors of Legend" and he also showed off some Sailor Moon attacks with one of his wands! Which was very cool.

Through out the panel both
*b2topaz and I held up some the PGSM merchandise and play with some of them too ^.^ ! The last 15 mins of the panel we held the PGSM trivia contest and held alot of prizes.

I have to say this panel, since it was my 4th time running it turn out very well! I hope everyone that attend enjoy the panel. If you like to give feedback your more and welcome to email at and let me know. I love getting feedback. From the feedback I take and use for future panels that I run.

Besides running my panel and meeting so of artists that wanted to meet I was not able to meet so of the special guest that I wanted to meet since I was wrap up with being in the artist alley. I was luck to step out of the alley and visit Peter S. Beagle the author of "The Last Unicorn". I'm so glad I was able to meet and talk to him. He even sign my book!!! I asked his publisher and friend, Connor about the live action Last Unicorn. I found out that the company that is planning on releasing the live action has really mess up the script and creating their own version of the Last Unicorn than sticking to the original story. I suggest those fans of the Last Unicorn please check out this website for more information ! I've also help speak out --> (I'm listed as Tyler, Meg; Westerville, Ohio: Your welcome to read my message) . For more updates check out Peter S. Beagle unofficial website at

Anyways I had an awesome time and can't wait for next year! My next convention will be next month at MatsuriCon otherwise known as my birthday con! I will be 25 on the 11th of September and Matsuricon will be the weekend before the 11th on the 7-9th!!! I'm so exist!

One last thing for those want to see pictures from the convention please check out . I will be adding a lot my pictures very soon! Enjoy!


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Lilly is still live!

It's been forever since I've updated on my livejournal account. I have ever been posting over at my deviantart account's journal. So your more and welcome to visit there located at Hopely I'll start posting more!

Not much new is happen, but do have some exciting news to tell you all! On Wednesday June 27, 2007 I had my freelance job interview at The Creative Group! The interview went very well and I got the job. Since this is a freelance job I will be contact about my job assignments. I just wanted to let everyone know! I'm now a freelance artist!!! To check them out here's their website-->

Since we are on the subject about art I finally opened my art website called "Lilly's Art: the online art gallery of Meg Tyler" feel free to stop by! I am currently taking commission so if you like a piece of art from me your more and welcome to contact me!

Here are some of my lastest works!
This is a t-shirt design that I made for a co-worker of mine at work. She's adopting a baby boy from Guatemala. A close friend of her's hosted a Silent Auction and Dinner and they asked me to make a t-shirt design for the event.
This is a t-shirt design that I made for a co-worker of mine at work. She's adopting a baby boy from Guatemala. A close friend of hers hosted a Silent Auction and Dinner and they asked me to make a t-shirt design for the event.

Here is a photo of my cat, Presia! This photo was chosen out of a field of over 100 outstanding entires across the country as one of the top 13 winners for the "The Cat Welfare Association 2007 Calendar Contest"!

My General Manager asked me to creator a background and border around each of the crew bullet boards. The board that has the red border and bows is the crew bullet board which features handouts of upcoming products/news etc..... The board that has the blue border with the fish bowl attach to it is specially design for us crew! It features "Welcome New Crew Members" with pictures of them and their name, "Crew Member of the Week" with a picture of the crew member with their name and lastest our "WOW Every Customer Counts Program Raffle" thats where the fish bowl comes in. I've design the look of the fish bowl by featuring fish stickers within the bowl itself and stickers outside the bowl featuring "wow", "great job", "you're done it" etc. The propose for this for each manager that finds a crew member doing something good they write their name on a WOW card and place it in the fish bowl for a draw that each of the crew members could win something. I also creator titles for each topic thats feature on each board featured both in English and Spanish. I found this neat translator site that can translate any thing in English to Spanish or another language! The site is free translation. Each week I make sure that no one has mess with each board and also update the red board with newest information that my General Manager gave me. For the blue board I update with pictures of if there are any new crew members that has joined our team and a picture of the crew member of the week.

To check out more of my art feel free to stop by online art gallery

Other news! Anyone going to Otakon in 2 weeks? Otakon is the largest East Coast Japanese Animation Convention for those that wonder what it was. If so, I will be going again for my 2nd time! I will be in the artist alley at my table "Lilly's Art" and also will be running the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel"! 

Speaking on the fan panel here is the final list of panelists that will be on the panel with me!
PGSM's Panel
Panelists- Topaz, Moon Jump
Guests- Yosenex Orengo (photography from Warriors of Lengend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon, Kali of and Jay Navok primary writer and researcher of Warriors of Lengend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon)(?!)

I'm so
excited! Feel free to stop by! My next convention that I will be going to is Matsuricon in September on the 7-9. I will also be in the artist alley there at my table "Lilly's Art" and this time I will be running 2 fan panels there! I will be running the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel" and the "Naoko Takeuchi Fan Panel" so if your going to Matsuricon feel free to stop by and help celebrate the 15th anniversary of Sailor Moon!

Anyways I've gotta run. I'll try to post more, more often as I can!

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Its been a long time since I've been here....

Well I'm not doing a great job of keep up with my journal lately, but thats going to be changing very soon. I've been really busy working full-time at my job these past few months and haven't had anytime to be online expect for weekends to update my main site and update my journal over on my deviantart account and to watch some Taiwanese Dramas. I've recently have been collecting and watching asian drama series ever since finishing Mars and Peach Girl dramas. My favorite of all my dramas is Meteor Garden! I'm currently watching the 2nd season, its ok because I can fawn over Jerry Yan ( who is Dao Ming Si (Doumyouji Tsukasa) – the obnoxious leader of F4. He thinks that money can buy anything until he meets Shan Cai and realizes that he cannot 'buy’ Shan Cai. He used to have a fiery temper and almost killed someone in the past. However, Shan Cai is the only one who can make him control his temper. For more information please check out or As you can see I found my newest crush! OO my Jerry Yan is so hot!!!! I've even just recently bought Jerry's 1st ablum "Jerry for You" and his lastest ablum "The First Time" along with Fantasy 4ever cd, Meteor Garden seasons 1&2 complete dvds, Meteor Garden Rain dvd and Magic Kitchen dvd from ^.^! Besides having a crush on Jerry Yan I also have a crush on Gerard Butler since seeing him in the Phantom of the Opera!!!

On other news I've finally gottan around and updated my main website Tsukiyama-sama! Please go check out the filler layout untill DDRNinja finishs up the official layout! Here's the link -->

Also if your were wondering about my other sites here's a list of what I'm working on:
To keep update on my sites listed below are what I'm currently working on for each of my sites!:
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live Action is also getting a new layout.. because the current one is taking so much time with loading plus I'm also revamping some of the galleries + pages too. Also BSSMLA is being moved to a sub-domain very soon. So keep any eye out for the new url!
Lilly's Asia Drama Shrines Directory an Asia Drama Shrines Directory to house Lilly's Mars Shrine and Lilly's Peach Girl Shrine! Also moving my Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting / Information Site here as well!
Tsuki Mubi: a pretty guardian video collection: Just update the contest information!
Lilly's TCG Trading Post Site need to add more cards and update logs soon!
Lilly's Fanlisting Collective adding more fanlistings that I've joined!
Vegeta's Sanctuary getting more fan art, new links, new affiliates.
My Bakuretsu(Sorcerer) Hunters Shrine</b> *currently on hitaus* needs a new layout + update info/update links etc.
Lilly's Art Gallery coming soon! Just need to finish the layout + scan in alot of my art.
Coming Soon- Moonlight Justice: A Guide to the Sailor Moon Musicals known as SeraMyu!
Coming Soon- A Lazytown Fansite

I'm planning to change my journal to an art journal very soon so you all can view my lastest art work before I post it on deviantart or my main art gallery. For those of you that go to cons here's my con schedule for 2006:

Anime Cons Schedule for 2006:
Here is a list of Cons that I will be going to in 2006!

Anime Punch 2006, Worthington, OH---> March 31-April 2, 2006 --->
MatsuriCon 2006, Worthington, OH---> April 20-23, 2006 --->
Otakon 2006, Baltimore, Maryland--> August 4-6, 2006 --->

Please see my Lilly's Commissons Page!
Status: Open
Working On: See commisson page!

anyways I've gotta run...
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Hey you all,

I've just adventure back through after the lastest time. I forgot that I had a account with them^^ hehehe anyway I sent the last few hours there editing and putting my images up and talking on the forum there. Hey I found anyother forum to hang on hehehe^^.

Anyway for those of you that have a account or would like to see my costumes your welcome to adventure your way to my "Lilly's Cosplay Gallery" site^^ thats here--->

Whoo can you believe it?! Now you may wondering what I'm talking about well just wanted to say that I just finish typing my Sister Carrie essay that I've been writing on for a couple days now. Yea! First thing Monday I'm going to take it in to my teacher to have him look it over^.^ Now I'm on to write my 1 1/2 paper about "How do I connect with my art?" fun fun! I can related totally^^.

OOO MY GOD PGSM ENDS ON SATURDAY....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Please tell me it isn't true....slob slob I'm so going to miss my weekends now without PGSM! Well maybe not I still have to finish making updates on my PGSM fanlisting I'm totally not all the way out of PGSM just yet!

Well gotta run!
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Long Time...................

Whoo its been a while since I've updated! I'm going to change that starting now....

A couple of weeks ago I went ahead and chance my look of my Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting/Site with a new layout and change some of my pages around. I have a whole new cast page now with the cast's bio and a little photo gallery along with the page. I still have a couple more pages to move over then I'll finally be caught with the site. As for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the will be ending next Saturday! I can't believe its going to end soo soon! I'm going to miss watching PGSM every Sat! So far the last 3 Acts have been making cry! (Warning Spoiler)Specially the most recent Act 48! I cried at the end with Sailor Moon killed Endymion who at the time is possessed by Queen Metalia! Check out my Mamoru Cast Information past for more information on Black Endymion--->

On other news!
Just last weekend (Sept. 11) was my birthday and one of my gifts that I got was the Bandai Sailor Moon Live Action Gashapon dolls which here is a picture of them from my digtal camera! Other stuff that I got was money and some Inuyasha manga books and Viz's release of the first movie! Yea know I have the Japanese DVD version and the American version of the first movie! ^.^
Bandai Sailor Moon Live Action Gashapon dolls

Well I need to get back and first my 6-8 page "Sister Carrie" eassy for my Reading of American Lit which is due this Thurday! Just wanted to post something so you thought I didn't fall off the place of the Earth!


Its been a while....

ummm....haven't been on here in a long time! I've been really busy at my college since of finals and also I found a new home on ^.^

Please check out my clubs! "PGSM Club" "Sailor Moon Muscials "SeraMyu" "The Takeuchi Naoko Club" "Milliardo/Zechs Club"

Also be keeping updating my PGSM Fanlisting site too...but my server is down until Sat...grr bandwith "just remember you can view my site on Sat!" BIG UPDATE THEN TOO!

A week left (begining on Monday!) for ACen !!!!! So can't wait! I will be selling some of my art if anyone is planning to go stop by 2 tables (which I will be sharing with my 2 best friends takuto-kun of and mad-sniper ^.^) "CCAD Anime Club"!!!!

anyway gotta get back to my assignments just a few more to work on them I'm all done! Really need to finish my computer animation!

later until next time~!