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Thu, Apr. 29th, 2004, 05:55 pm
Its been a while....

ummm....haven't been on here in a long time! I've been really busy at my college since of finals and also I found a new home on deviantart.com ^.^

Please check out my clubs!
http://liveactionsailormoon.deviantart.com "PGSM Club"
http://seramyu.deviantart.com "Sailor Moon Muscials "SeraMyu"
http://takeuchi-senshi.deviantart.com "The Takeuchi Naoko Club"
http://milliardofanclub.deviantart.com "Milliardo/Zechs Club"

Also be keeping updating my PGSM Fanlisting site too...but my server is down until Sat...grr bandwith http://www.tsukiyama-sama.net/BSSMLA "just remember you can view my site on Sat!" BIG UPDATE THEN TOO!

A week left (begining on Monday!) for ACen http://www.acen.org !!!!! So can't wait! I will be selling some of my art there...so if anyone is planning to go stop by 2 tables (which I will be sharing with my 2 best friends takuto-kun of ddrninja.com and mad-sniper ^.^) "CCAD Anime Club"!!!!

anyway gotta get back to my assignments just a few more to work on them I'm all done! Really need to finish my computer animation!

later until next time~!