lilly_chan (lilly_chan) wrote,

Its been a while....

ummm....haven't been on here in a long time! I've been really busy at my college since of finals and also I found a new home on ^.^

Please check out my clubs! "PGSM Club" "Sailor Moon Muscials "SeraMyu" "The Takeuchi Naoko Club" "Milliardo/Zechs Club"

Also be keeping updating my PGSM Fanlisting site too...but my server is down until Sat...grr bandwith "just remember you can view my site on Sat!" BIG UPDATE THEN TOO!

A week left (begining on Monday!) for ACen !!!!! So can't wait! I will be selling some of my art if anyone is planning to go stop by 2 tables (which I will be sharing with my 2 best friends takuto-kun of and mad-sniper ^.^) "CCAD Anime Club"!!!!

anyway gotta get back to my assignments just a few more to work on them I'm all done! Really need to finish my computer animation!

later until next time~!

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