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Long Time...................

Whoo its been a while since I've updated! I'm going to change that starting now....

A couple of weeks ago I went ahead and chance my look of my Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting/Site with a new layout and change some of my pages around. I have a whole new cast page now with the cast's bio and a little photo gallery along with the page. I still have a couple more pages to move over then I'll finally be caught with the site. As for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon the will be ending next Saturday! I can't believe its going to end soo soon! I'm going to miss watching PGSM every Sat! So far the last 3 Acts have been making cry! (Warning Spoiler)Specially the most recent Act 48! I cried at the end with Sailor Moon killed Endymion who at the time is possessed by Queen Metalia! Check out my Mamoru Cast Information past for more information on Black Endymion--->

On other news!
Just last weekend (Sept. 11) was my birthday and one of my gifts that I got was the Bandai Sailor Moon Live Action Gashapon dolls which here is a picture of them from my digtal camera! Other stuff that I got was money and some Inuyasha manga books and Viz's release of the first movie! Yea know I have the Japanese DVD version and the American version of the first movie! ^.^
Bandai Sailor Moon Live Action Gashapon dolls

Well I need to get back and first my 6-8 page "Sister Carrie" eassy for my Reading of American Lit which is due this Thurday! Just wanted to post something so you thought I didn't fall off the place of the Earth!

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