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Hey you all,

I've just adventure back through after the lastest time. I forgot that I had a account with them^^ hehehe anyway I sent the last few hours there editing and putting my images up and talking on the forum there. Hey I found anyother forum to hang on hehehe^^.

Anyway for those of you that have a account or would like to see my costumes your welcome to adventure your way to my "Lilly's Cosplay Gallery" site^^ thats here--->

Whoo can you believe it?! Now you may wondering what I'm talking about well just wanted to say that I just finish typing my Sister Carrie essay that I've been writing on for a couple days now. Yea! First thing Monday I'm going to take it in to my teacher to have him look it over^.^ Now I'm on to write my 1 1/2 paper about "How do I connect with my art?" fun fun! I can related totally^^.

OOO MY GOD PGSM ENDS ON SATURDAY....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Please tell me it isn't true....slob slob I'm so going to miss my weekends now without PGSM! Well maybe not I still have to finish making updates on my PGSM fanlisting I'm totally not all the way out of PGSM just yet!

Well gotta run!
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