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Otakon was Awesome!!!

8/4/07: Wow Otakon was great! I really enjoyed my time there! This was my second time attending Otakon, which made the second time around the best ever! Why?! Well this time I arrive a day earlier on Wednesday since the people that I was riding up with were on staff and needed to be there earlier. I manage to see the behind the screens of Otakon before the con begin on Friday (Pre-Con Thursday). Which was pretty cool and neat at the same time. I was also able to walk around with my new friend, Rachael who was also on staff in the Harbor Mall. Last time I was at Otakon which was in 2005 I did not had time to walk over there to see all the shops. I'm glad that I was able to walk over there since the hotel that I was staying at for Wednesday was right next to it. ^.^ Which was pretty cool.

Day of the Pre-Con (Thursday)

Since I was already there in Baltimore the night before I send the day at the Harbor Mall before walking over with some of my friends to check in at pre-reg that evening. This year the check-in was up stairs on the 3rd floor of the convention center. 2 years ago I remember it was down stairs on the first floor next to the dealers room. I was luck to be with *b2topaz
and her family since we were able to walk up to the booths to check-in than wait in line because of her 15 month old little boy, Max aka Baby Naruto. We were also able to get stickers to use for the elevators. ^.^ That came in handy because I need to use the elevators to luge all my art back and forward for the hotel each day.

Also this year we were able to check-in for our artist table in the artist alley. From previous years you would need to wait for the next day (Friday) to check-in in the morning. So this was a plus!

Well things were looking good until I'd put out my pocket guide and program book to find that my panel "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Fan Panel" was not listed in it. I also checked the separate sheet to see if they mention it there and still nothing. So that night my cell phone was ringing off the hock because it. That would mean that I would have to wait up early and head to Panel Ops to see why it wasn't listed and find out what I can do so fans would know about the panel.

Days of the Con (Friday-Sunday)

After finding out find that the panel missed the printers. The panel head told me that she would forward my panel information onto the info desk and she also allow me to post a sign on my artist table meaning about the panel too. So what I did set up a sign at my table and went to both Sailor Moon photo shoots and pass the word about the panel!

As for my artist table! The artist alley this year was awesome! I was able to meet alot of artists that I've been wanting to meet for sometime now!!! Specially ~strawberrygina of "Red String"! She was so nice to talk to! She came over to my table a few times and we chat and I went to her and chat and bought of couple things! I plan to soon have her do a commission for me (but I need to wait until I have enough money save out first).
My table was located right next to my best friend ~neondragon , my con friends ~urd-chan and her girls of Pink Door Inc-
*kojika*himeko  ,  ~sakura85 and ~plnunn of Bishonen Works. Just a couple table island over my friends/panelists ~kaligoddess and *b2topaz had a table each. ^.^

Here's a list of of other artists that I meet while I was at Otakon and got their autographs/bought a couple of their works too:
~neondragon , ~strawberrygina , ~dreamworldstudio , ~bleedman (his art was there, but he wasn't. His friends from was there selling his and their work!) ~nyanko-chan , ~plnunn~kuroitenshi13 , ~uponthoufaircat
Pink Door Inc- 
*kojika*himeko  ,  ~sakura85~urd-chan
~kaligoddess*b2topaz  , ~mana-ink~eerimule  , ~pink  ,  ~-ek- and Edo Elric, Sporkninja of Gravity Doll

I also had a
deviantart  guest book at my table for people to sign in. I manage to get 3 pages worth of deviantart artists that walked by my table that either had a table there at the con or not. Very Cool! I'm in the process of check them all out! Here is the list, so feel free to check them out!
~amecassee , ~candyrain , ~darkxlonelyxsoul , ~zephyrdragons25 , ~alteredrealityarts , ~lostdemonschild  , ~funnybunnyfan4531~vegalyre~chocolatedivinediva~vr-eli  , ~chainbound ~malicekisho~beybladersteph-chan  , ~yoruoroshi~darigonxerula~zagrh8r-azul~laoith~chiiruchan and ~day-chan

Thanks to all that stopped by my table and bought my art and commission me too!!! I really appropriate it!

On Saturday- before going down to be at my table for most of the day. I took in 2 panels and went to the Sailor Moon 2nd photo shoot. Before the photo shoot I had the chance to attend Tokyopop's panel to asked them about the renewing licensing for Sailor Moon and what they told me at the panel is that they are still working getting the renewing licensing for Sailor Moon and once they get an approval they would love to release Sailor Moon in the new style which is referring to the second edition of Sailor Moon and use of the original names. See I took an example of their old release Sailor Moon volume and the first volume of the second edition with me to the panel and shown it to them. (In the video over on ANN you only hear me asking the question not holding up the books to show them) I also asked them about translating her other series and maybe her artbooks and (after I held of my Infinity artbook and my copy of Toki*Meca volume 1) they said that they are thinking about it.

I'm just glad to hear that they are still working on getting Sailor Moon! Ok about a set date. There is not set date. Since Tokyopop told us at the panel what they planned to release the rest of this year and next year. I only mention in the video that Nick took of me to look for 2009 to 2010 + for any news and keep on supporting Tokyopop because you just never know what will happen.

So after the panel I quickly went done to the Sailor Moon photo shoot and shared this information with everyone! Which everyone was please to hear! I'd stay there for a little bit more to take pictures and then head to the artist alley which I stay for most of the night and also held our pre-panel meeting to go over things before the panel the next morning.

Day of the panel/last day of the con (Sunday)

Since the panel was at 9am we all needed to be in the convention center an hour before. Which didn't work that way since the convention center didn't open until 8:30am. So we were there right at 8:30am and I wasn't able to wait I yell in and said that I needed to be up on the 4th floor for my 9am panel and they let me in very quickly. I think I lost maybe 5 pounds before starting the panel because I was ran to the panel ops (which was on the 3rd floor) then back the panel room (which was on the 4th floor and there is only one way to the 4th floor). Anyways we manage to start the panel 5 mins pass 9am.

We start out with
~kaligoddess (aka Kali) talking about the series and some of the cast. She also played a power slide show of some pictures that she put together. We were getting ready to show some of the clips, but her laptop couldn't handle the connection with the projector / screen. It would only play some footage very slow. It didn't seem to mind the fans that was there. They found some the footage very funny, specially with Keiko's (Rei/Mars) taking off her bathrobe in slow motion for one of her model videos. ^.^ Moving on Yosenex talked a little about the book that he worked on "Warriors of Legend" and he also showed off some Sailor Moon attacks with one of his wands! Which was very cool.

Through out the panel both
*b2topaz and I held up some the PGSM merchandise and play with some of them too ^.^ ! The last 15 mins of the panel we held the PGSM trivia contest and held alot of prizes.

I have to say this panel, since it was my 4th time running it turn out very well! I hope everyone that attend enjoy the panel. If you like to give feedback your more and welcome to email at and let me know. I love getting feedback. From the feedback I take and use for future panels that I run.

Besides running my panel and meeting so of artists that wanted to meet I was not able to meet so of the special guest that I wanted to meet since I was wrap up with being in the artist alley. I was luck to step out of the alley and visit Peter S. Beagle the author of "The Last Unicorn". I'm so glad I was able to meet and talk to him. He even sign my book!!! I asked his publisher and friend, Connor about the live action Last Unicorn. I found out that the company that is planning on releasing the live action has really mess up the script and creating their own version of the Last Unicorn than sticking to the original story. I suggest those fans of the Last Unicorn please check out this website for more information ! I've also help speak out --> (I'm listed as Tyler, Meg; Westerville, Ohio: Your welcome to read my message) . For more updates check out Peter S. Beagle unofficial website at

Anyways I had an awesome time and can't wait for next year! My next convention will be next month at MatsuriCon otherwise known as my birthday con! I will be 25 on the 11th of September and Matsuricon will be the weekend before the 11th on the 7-9th!!! I'm so exist!

One last thing for those want to see pictures from the convention please check out . I will be adding a lot my pictures very soon! Enjoy!


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