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Lilly's Sailor Moon Collection

UPDATE 06/10/2010-
My entire Sailor Moon Collection list has been moved and updated to

Thanks for all your comments everyone. I haven't been on LJ in years and when I started using blogger|blogspot for my updates for my sites I just went ahead and moved my entire list there. Also I am aware that blogger is no longer supporting on people's websites so I'm planning to use another updater system for my sites but until I every get up a site for my collections my Sailor Moon Collection will be listed and updated here-

~Lilly-chan Moonlight Real Girls: A BSSMLA Fanlisting|Fansite Tsuki Mubi: a pretty guardian music video collection
- Family of Moonlight Blog - BSSM's Network that houses all of Lilly's and Buruma's of buSailor Moon Related Sites
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