Its been a long time..........

OO my goodness its been a long time since I've really talk on here. Sorry about that. I've just been really busy also not having a computer for 3 weeks due to upgrading to XP. Man that was an headache!!!! I felt like killing computer then, because it didn't want to work.

Now my computer work just fine....yea! One problem is that I can't update my sites until I fine my serial number for Dreamweaver MX. Grr I know its in my files why does this always happen to me!

Anyway besides all the computer problems that I was having. I been hanging out at on my art gallery there. Adding alot of my art work plus adding alot of dev-clubs too! ^.^ I also opened up a PGSM: Live Action Club there too. To check both of the sites here are their urls.

My art gallery--->
(feel free to join my club, but you must be a deviantart member to be able to join first)


Yea! Classes are almost out! 1 month and a half too go! Yea...then ACen! I can't wait for ACen (Anime Central). I like to cosplay as someone other than my costume from Inuyasha. I've just currently retire my Kagome costume since I've already were the costume the past 5 cons that I've been. You might see me as Kikyo since my first time cosplaying as her at Ohayocon! ^.^ I really like her costume! Don't ask me why I like cosplaying as her or if I shorta like her...because I don't know myself! I would like to cosplay as someone from the new live action series of Sailor Moon otherwise know as PGSM! But I don't really know if I should since theres been people cosplaying as the sailors before....oo well I'll figure something out. I have 2 months though! At last years ACen's I and my friend's cosplay as the manga version of Bakuretsu (Sorcerer) Hunters! It was awesome since we had a chance to meet Satoru Akahori(creator/writer of Bakuretsu (Sorcerer) Hunter!


Anyways....gotta run...but I'll be back I promise!

~Lilly Peacecraft
aka ~Lilly-chan signing off!

deviantart gallery!

Hey you all!

Just letting you all know that I've opened up a deviantart gallery! You can go here to be able to view my images/artwork. This is going to be a mics gallery that I can post cosplay pics or random images! My main art gallery will be up this summer so you all can view my art work from my freshman year in college to now my junior year plus character designs for my animations!

On other news Vegeta Sanctuary; those of you that heard of VS. I've recently taken over VS from Subu and right now I have a coming soon/back page up! Hopely by this weekend I can get the site back up! I've just finish a new layout for the site and my friend; Takuto (I currently hosting his online comic site "Is It Con Yet?") is helping me with the window/page part. For an example check out my main site. He made the layout for the version 2! I liked how he did the window that I'm having him put one up on VS similar to the one he put on my main site! Here is a link to get to VS's new URL:

That it for now...I'm kinda of not feeling well! This pass Sat. my ear started to hear and it was like that until Monday until I saw a doctor about it! I found out that I have a middle ear inffiration cause by my tub thats been in my ear since I was 1 years old.....oo my! Now I'm wondering why my tub hasn't fell out? I'll find out next Tues. when I go see a specialist about it. Right now I'm kinda of drug up on pain killers and to top it have I have to be on my PMS! GRRRRRRRRRRR What else can happen?! This isn't really my week!

aka ~Lilly Peacecraft

Friends are live too!

OO my goodness! I just was looking through livejournal and found my friends from back home(Middletown)that they to have livejournals coolness!

On other news.....I'm a sister site to and I'm in the process of updating my BSSMLA site now! I really need to add a tracker to my site to see how many hits I get in a day like my Milliardo Peacecraft Fanlisting Site which gets over 1000 hits a day! I also in the working of uploading Vegeta's Sanctuary! I've recently adpoted/taken over VS from Subu! I will let everyone know as soon as its up, but here's the URL: There's nothing on the site now it only saids "Index" I either need to put up a coming soon or put the site up very soon.

Anyway I'm going to work on some more artwork and try to get some of my fan art done and colored and printed by the time ACen comes around. I'm planning on getting a table there (which I mean I will get a table), since the tables are only $15.00 each than $40.00 each at Ohayocon (a hell alot cheaper! Hell yea!). The thing left on my mind is I need to room with someone...which I already know 3 sources on how to get a room ^.^ which I should be fine there.

Earlier today I found some new channels on mIRC for PGSM! (which are new to me)

which now I can add to my list of channels that I'm in....
#tv-nihon (subs of pgsm)
#gundamwing (chat only, mostly in Italtion but theres a guy on there that I know. His name is Zechs and he talks in English so I'm all good!)

OO my.....the RAW of Act 17 of PGSM is coming out any min! I need to get in #SailormoonLive's channel on mIRC!

gotta run....later

~Lilly-chan (new layout will be up very soon, anyday now!)


OO my goodness! This pass weekend was awesome beside the worst snow storm ever...grrr I hate winter! Ohio's weather sicks!

While I was at Ohayocon I manger to sell some of my fan art! Yea!!!!! I hope to be selling some color prints at ACen in May! Also on both Sat and Sun I meet Scott McNeil (Voice of Duo on GW and Kougo on IY)!!!! Scott is so awesome! On Sat I couldn't stay in line to be able to meet him and get his autograph like the other voice actor since the cosplay contest was going on duing the time when he was signing autograph....p.p I was lucky to run into him after the cosplay! He took a little group out of the ballroom area to a hallway off somewhere so he can take pics with us and sign ours pics/books/etc! Now thats what you call a true voice actor who would go out of his way and do anything for his FANS!!!!!!!!!

I menstion early that I was in the cosplay! Yep I was....I was in the Inuyasha skit! I was dress up as Kikyo! After they sured up the music twise I kinda gave up telling them which was the right song....since they mess up my cds! OO my! I least I got both of my cds back! Anyway besides that I kinda of mess up my only line....grr what else can happen...oo well!

Here was my line for the skit: Inuyasha...I have come for you.....I am your aunt...really! To Hell... Lets go!

I mess up the Lets go! To We go! OO my....I'll never forget that! I didn't mind not getting an award since I wanted see how the skit/cosplay contest was like at Ohayocon!

Sunday was a big day too! Not only meeting Scott on Sat I saw him again at the "Inuyasha Fan Panel" that which feature all 3 VAs plus the producer! Richard Cox and Jillian (aka Shippou!) were very cool to meet! Poor Jillian lost her voice and she tried her best to talk throughout the panel!

Later my friend and I got pics with Richard and Scott...Jillian ran off somewhere maybe to get something for her voice or a drink?! I hope Jillian feels better soon since she and the boys had to go back in the studio Monday morning early to record more eps.! ^.^ I heard there up to 104 eps or getting up to there, that are begining or already being dub! Cool! I did get see some of the un-aired eps. of the dub that was airing right before the "Inuyasha Fan Panel"! I'm not much of a big dub fan but I have to say that Inuyasha's subing is pretty good I say!

Anway gotta run but here is a pic of Richard Cox with flowers on his head! The pic was taken at the "Inuyasha Fan Panel" which is on site!

Richard Cox with flowers on his head!
Inuyasha Voice Actors!

~Lilly Peacecraft
aka ~Lilly-chan

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting!

OO my goodness. Its been a long time since I've posted something! Sorry about that. I've been really busy lately. I just want to say that I've recently opened "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting" Here's a button that I've made for it!


Feel free to check out the site and join if you like. I need to check Saiyaman's Site to see if Act 15 is up today!

Man it seems like my winter break came and went very quickly! My classes begin back up again on Tues! OO my!

~Lilly Peacecraft
aka ~Lilly-chan

X'mas afterwards!

OO my goodness!!! I've been having fun picking up some new manga these pass few days! As for X'mas. I got some of the things I ask for....still trying to find Scarlett the sequel to Gone With the Wind on DVD! Sold out everywhere I've been...umm I hope Media Play is right about getting it on Wed! I hope so..or I have to order it and wait for to come in! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate that.

Anyway let me see if I can list some of the things that I got/bought!

Digital Camera
Clothes (of course....what else)
The Princess Blade (a Live Action Japanese movie) dvd
Blow dvd
TLOEMen (not really new....Sean Conney in it!)
Labyrinth dvd
Alot of Manga
Gone With the Wind and Scarlett Books
CDs (Madonna, Celin Dion, Kelly Carson, A Japanese Pop Singer etc)

I think thats all! OO of course Money too! Not much....really wish for a laptop, Salior Moon Seasons 1 & 2 DVD boxsets (Japanese versions only with English Subtitles!), Inuyasha Boxset (contains cds, desktop calendar, dvds, etc).

Umm I really don't have that much to say.....well I hope everyone had a great X'mas and hoping you a great New Years too! I might update once one before I come home....but if not I'll write much more after the new year begins!!!!

Lilly Peacecraft
aka Lilly-chan

leaving soon

Tomorrow I'm leaving for South Carolina! I hope its a little warmer than it is up here in Ohio! I can't stand the cold air....grrr I can't wait until my cousins and I go see LOTR: Return of the King! I've heard some much about it these pass few days thats its killing me and making want to see it now!!!!! Also I need to go see The Last Samauri too^.^ oo my

Maybe while I'm down there I can write in my journal but don't count on it! Anyway gotta finish packing....

Lilly Peacecraft
aka Lilly-chan

I'm Live Too!

Well I did it! I join livejournal!!! Now I hope I can update my journal more offen...hopely. I recently lost my folder that contain files for my website when re-formatting the computer. My computer hasn't been working for over 3 weeks, so I had a friend came over to fix it! Now the only thing I need to fix is my connection to the printer to the computer. Anyway...I thought I'd save the folder, but I guess I'd save a short-cut...grrr. OO well no big lost since the sites that I'm working on now (which are up) are saved on my zip. ^.^, I think its just my fan fics and my awards for my main that I need to get again. Hopely nothing else.

Yess finally FINALS are over and I don't have to worry about anything for a while...for now at less. I hope to be able to update more on my sites over break! My new layout for my main will be up sometime over break. After I get back from visiting my relatives for x'mas and new year, I will be updating my main site more!

I'm going to try to draw alot/some fan art over break for Ohayocon! I'm taking my drawing pad, artist pencils, color pencils, etc down with me to South Carolina. My little cousin loves to drawing so we normally take an afternoon and sit down and draw for hours. I can't wait!

I'm not a big fan when it comes to my family(meaning my mom and step-dad), but yesterday they came up for x'mas since grandma and I are leaving this friday. I got Gone with the Wind DVD from my bros, X-men Collection 4 disc DVD boxset from my parents. ^.^ Now I have some movies to watch over break.....with some or alot of anime that I need to caught up on! I'm starting out with One Piece!

Gotta run for now! Be back soon!
Lilly Peacecraft
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